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Finish or No Finish

Reasons to add a Clear Lacquer Finish:

  • Quick-drying: Lacquer finish is a very quick-drying wood finish.
  • Protective: It creates a hard protective coating that makes wood resistant to damage from elements like water, acid or alkalis.
  • Stain-resistant: A single coat of lacquer is enough to protect the wood furniture from stains and damage caused by water.
  • Aesthetic: Lacquer gives your furniture a shiny, polished look that will make it stand out in any room.
  • Easy to apply: Lacquer is very easy to apply and won’t require much preparation before you get started.
  • Modern: Lacquer is regarded as a modern technique of wood finishing that is particularly used on high-end furniture.
  • Water-resistant: Lacquer finish is water-resistant.
  • Durable: Lacquer maintains its liquidity as it ages.
  • Available in various sheens: The finish is available in various sheens, ranging from high-gloss to ultra-matte. (Twist of Nature uses a semi-gloss finish, leaving the logs with a not too shiny look, yet tops of tables with more of a shiny/finished and polished look)

This can be added at checkout for Twist of Nature to do.

Reasons to order your furniture piece with No Finish/Unfinished:

Customers who have allergies to Lacquer or would like to use their own Finish.


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