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Western Corral Log Bed Kit Assembly Instructions

Step 1Locate All Parts-

2- 47”h Headboard leg posts

2- 30”h foot-board leg posts

5- Cross logs (3 for head / 2 for foot)

2- Timber side rails

4- Bolts & Washers

2- Wood plugs to conceal bolt holes in Foot-board

**3 Center support slats included for King Beds only – (or if you have paid for them for other sizes)

     **Support slats will rest in the center of bed after bed is assembled>  Attach wood block to the narrow     cross support in the middle to make a “footing” and then place on top of side rails.  The supports will run parallel to the head and foot-board with the footing on the floor in the middle of your bed.

Step 2 -Glue half log Cross logs into bed posts.  Make sure they’re turned even and squared up before glue dries.  Put head or foot-boards flat on the ground to make sure legs are even with each other before glue dries.

 Step 3 - Side Rails

 Bolts go in the foot-board and headboard through the small holes on each leg.  It does not matter which side the timber side rail is placed on as long as the wide flat side is facing upwards, as your box spring and mattress will be placed on it. 

 Step 4 – If you have not paid for us to finish your bed, it is highly recommended you finish your bed.  Finish bed with a sanding sealer then a clear water based lacquer – we use a semi gloss top coat.  Sand between coats to make smooth.


2- 47” Headboard Posts

2- 30” Footboard Posts

4- Bolts & Washers

 2- Wood Plugs

  3- Center Supports Slats with & 7” Wood Block Footings (If Ordered)


5- 33" Cross logs or Cross timbers

2- 77" Side rails


5- 48" Cross logs or Cross timbers

2- 77" Side rails


5- 54" Cross logs or Cross timbers

2- 83" Side rails


5- 69" Cross logs or Cross Timbers

2- 83" Side rails


2- 65" Cross logs or Cross timbers

2- 87" Side rails

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