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TimberJack BunkBed Kit Assembly Instructions

    • Locate All Parts
      • 4- 72”h Headboard/ Footboard leg posts
      • 2- 41”l cross timbers –headboard end
      • 2- 41” cross timbers – footboard
      • 2- 42” pieces for ladder sides
      • 3- 21” pieces for ladder slats
      • 4- 19” pieces for extended section on lower bunk (if larger than twin on lower bunk)
      • 2- 27”h pieces for extended leg post on lower bunk (if larger than twin on lower bunk)
      • 2- 83” pieces for upper siderail of top bunk(with holes for spindles drilled into them)
      • 2- 83” siderails for lower siderail of top bunk (with holes drilled for spindles PLUS 3 holes drilled for support slats
      • 2- 83” siderails (with 3 holes drilled into each – for support slats
      • 12” spindles
      • 3 – 42” 3x3’s for support slats for twin bunk
      • 3- 61” 3x3’s for support slats for queen below
      • Bolts and washers
      • **Customer will have to supply their own wood glue. Can use Elmers or Tite Bond – both work well. Put a good amount in each hole
    • Siderail Section
      • Lay out cross timbers and spindles to assemble the upper siderails – glue spindles into place
    • Headboard Section
      • Glue the spindles into the 41” cross timbers, then glue the upper section into 2- 72” leg posts. Next glue in the cross timbers section for the lower bunk head end, followed by the lower bunk extension
    • Footboard Section and Ladder
      • Glue the pieces together to construct the ladder, including the upper and lower cross timbers. When this section is dry, glue this section into the footboard posts. Then build and glue into place the extension as you did for the headboard.
    • Attaching the siderails
      • When headboard and footboard ends are dried, attach just one of the upper siderail sections, using the bolts provided. (be sure the siderail with the 3 holes drilled in it for cross supports is the lower siderail). After Attaching the first siderail to the head and footboard, then place your center cross supports into the holes that have been predrilled in the lower siderail. Next attach just one end of the remaining siderail. Put the cross support slats into place and then bolt in the last bolt to complete the upper bed frame. Next do the same for the lower bunk.



    If your bed is not already stained, we recommend you seal it or stain it with either a clear water based lacquer or stain of your choice.

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